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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What shall I wear?

The best clothing to wear for Pole Fitness is shorts and a shoe string vest. You need your skin to grip the pole therefore any material on your legs will make you slip. If you feel more comfortable you can wear 3/4 lengths although you will struggle with some of the moves. Feel free to wear gym trousers / tracksuit bottoms for warm ups and cool downs.

Is it better if I wear moisturiser so I can spin easily?

ABSOLUTELY NO MOISTURISER. You will need as much grip on the pole as possible - moisturiser makes it very difficult for you to spin as well as causing havoc for anyone else using your pole.

How many people are there to a pole?

There are 2 people per pole, however you may be lucky and get a pole to yourself..

Is everyone a beginner on the course / taster class?

Yes - Pole Fitness courses are run so that students can progress together as a group, this way no-one feels intimidated in a mixed level environment. On a beginner's course - you will all be at beginner level. The taster class is to give you an idea on how the courses are run and is everyone's first time.

What if I'm not ready to go on to the next course?

You can repeat the course again or Pole Fitness run a weekly pole club where you can come and practice until you feel ready to move up to the next level. 

Why are your classes 1˝ hrs long opposed to other 1hr classes?

Pole Fitness has a dedicated studio therefore we aren't under pressure to finish within a 60minute time frame. A 1.5 hour class is optimal for teaching pole as it allows enough time for a safe and targeted warm up, a good class and a safe cool down.

What happens after I have finished the Advanced level?

After students have completed Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 courses, Pole Fitness run a course called Mixed Advance. This has a variety of advanced moves on which we expect students to master at their own pace. This course is written especially for the students at that time so is entirely bespoke. The course aims to help advanced students master their existing portfolio of moves and learn new tricks & spins. The pole world moves so fast there is always something new to learn and improve on!

What happens if I miss a session?

If you miss a session at Pole Fitness yu can make it up free as long as you make me aware in advance .

Do I need to be strong to take part in Pole Fitness?

Attending a Taster class will determine if you are ready to undertake a Pole Fitness course. 90% of people we encounter can lift their own body weight. Before the course starts, we recommend doing daily press ups to build up your strength. If you are not strong enough on the Taster we will recommend exercises in order for you to come back and try in time for the next course in 6-8weeks time. As you progress through the course you will notice yourself becoming significantly stronger!

Where can I park?

You can park in front of The Venue or in the car park across the road for FREE ( 20 second walk)


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